Saturday, January 15, 2011

Kissing the Chicken

The other day surfing the Internet, I came across a Youtube Video that really amazed me. The video is an interview of a reformed Ku Klux Klan member talking about a specific instance involving Reverend Wade Watts, who was a collaborator with Martin Luther King Jr. and the state leader for the NAACP. The former KKK member, Johnny Lee Clary, speaks of how the KKK would attempt to terrorize the Reverend, and each time they tried, he would counter it with genuine love and acceptance of the Klan. For example, Johnny led about 30 members of the KKK to a restaurant where Rev. Watts was dining, and after telling him that they were going to do to him exactly what he did to the chicken he was eating, Watts picked up the chicken and kissed it. This was such a hilarious incident, that even members of the KKK were laughing. It amazed me from Clary's stories how tolerant the Reverend was of Johnny, and that he fought off hate and torment by showing that it didn't bother him at all. It got me thinking to what this way of countering harassment could also work for. Any ideas?

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